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Aluminium Ferrules Manufacturers, Aluminium Ferrules in India

  • Aluminium Ferrules Manufacturers in India by V.S Industries

Aluminium Ferrules Manufacturers in India, Suppliers, Dealers in India

Our Aluminium Ferrules Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, dealers in India serve Aluminium Ferrules. We V. S. Industries in India are known for last 29 years for supplying best Aluminium Ferrules in India. Aluminium Ferrules manufacturers in India provide Ultimate Secure Connections in various applications. . Our experts’ team engineers Aluminium Ferrules that delivers high quality Aluminium Ferrules having durability and reliability. The secure connections in wire ropes, cables etc. are created with our Aluminium Ferrules.

What is Aluminium Ferrules?

Our Aluminium Ferrules manufacturers in India are chosen for its lightweight, corrosion resistance properties that provide high strength securing the connection even tighter. We make use of high-quality Aluminium as a raw material in construction of Aluminium Ferrules. These Aluminium Ferrules are cylindrical components and small in size. The durability and handling is made easier with the use of Aluminium for creating ferrules. The formation of loops or securing the ends is the main function of Aluminium Ferrules. Our Aluminium Ferrules manufacturers in India ensure fraying or separation is prevented.

Advanced Technology

The Aluminium Ferrules manufacturers in India use latest and advance technology in manufacturing of Aluminium Ferrules. It enhances performance and reliability by making finishes of the Aluminium Ferrules even smoother. Our Aluminium Ferrules suppliers in India provide reliability in various demanding environments.

Function of Aluminium Ferrules

  • For Secure Wire Rope Ends in various applications like for connection in the ends of wire ropes, prevention of fraying etc. is facilitated by our Aluminium Ferrules suppliers in India.
  • At the ends of wire ropes, the loop formation tales place due to the use of Aluminium Ferrules. This helps in attaching hooks, hardware, shackles and many more.
  • Our Aluminium Ferrules exporters in India help to Create Strong Connections that are capable of withstanding high tensile loads.
  • Our Aluminium Ferrules in India provide Corrosion Resistance, as Aluminium are resistant to corrosion which makes them suitable of marine and outdoor applications.
  • It Facilitate Easy Handling and Installation due to the light weight structure of Aluminium Ferrules in India.
  • The Safety and Compliance are kept in mind while manufacturing of Aluminium Ferrules by V. S. Industries.


Sr. No. Specification Details
1 Material High-grade Aluminium is used by our V. S. Industries, the leading Aluminium Ferrules exporters in India.
2 Sizes Range of diameters and lengths of Aluminium Ferrules are made available by us to suit different wire rope sizes.
3 Finish The corrosion-resistant and smooth finishes Aluminium Ferrules are supplied by Aluminium Ferrules exporters in India.
4 Strength The high tensile loads are handled by Aluminium Ferrules suppliers in India.
5 Compliance The V. S. Industries follows industry standards and regulations for maintenance purpose.


Our Elbow Fittings Exporters in India find range of applications:

  • At Construction: The infrastructure projects finds use of Aluminium Ferrules, where the ropes in the building are secured by Aluminium Ferrules suppliers in India.
  • In Marine: In rigging and mooring lines, our Aluminium Ferrules are used.
  • In Cable Manufacturing: In communication and electrical installations requires Aluminium Ferrules in India.
  • In Aviation: The aircraft cable is provided with secure connection by Aluminium Ferrules.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Aluminium Ferrule dealers in India offers several advantages:

  • Our commitment for supplying Quality Aluminium Ferrule, to ensure this we carry testing to check the quality and performance.
  • Our Customization of Aluminium Ferrule lets our customer customize Aluminium Ferrule according to sizes and finishes their project requires.
  • Technical support and guidance is provided by Aluminium Ferrule dealers in India.
  • V. S. Industries have gained expertise as they have been serving from 1992.
  • Our team ensures Aluminium Ferrule is delivered on time to keep your projects on schedule.

Contact us. Choose V. S. Industries, the Aluminium Ferrule manufactures in India for quality products, expert support and timely delivery of Aluminium Ferrule in India. For creating secure and reliable connections, our Aluminium Ferrules are essential component. The high strength, corrosion resistance feature of Aluminium Ferrule helps enhance the performance. For enhancing the overall durability and longevity of wire rope assemblies, our Aluminium Ferrule in India is perfect choice.


Yes, Aluminium Ferrules can be used for outdoor use due to their highly resistant to corrosion.

Yes, for coated and uncoated wire ropes, our Aluminium Ferrules are used.

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