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Brass Nipple Fittings Manufacturers, Brass Nipple Fittings in India

  • Brass Nipple Fittings Manufacturers in India by V.S Industries

Brass Nipple Fittings Manufacturers in India, Suppliers, Dealers in India

We are the Brass Nipple Fittings Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers in India. The no. one Brass Nipple Fittings Manufacturers in India. We are known for almost 29 years and designs perfect Brass Nipple Fittings for your unique requirements. Our high-quality Brass Nipple Fittings are ideal for providing excellent performance. That secures leak-proof connections between pipes or other components. The V. S. Industries is the best Brass Nipple Fittings Manufacturers in India.

What does Brass Nipple Fittings means?

The Brass Nipple Fittings means a type of fittings use for creating connection or joining between two female threaded fittings or pipes. They are short lengths of pipe in structure and have male threads on both ends. We Brass Nipple Fittings manufactures in India provide these fittings made from rust and corrosion resistance material. So they can be perfectly suitable for use in environments like water, gas, steam, oil. Our Brass Nipple Fittings suppliers in India find application in connecting of pipes in hydraulic systems, plumbing systems etc.

Advanced Technology

  • • Precision Machining: We use CNC machines for delivering perfect dimensions and threading.
  • • High-Quality Brass Material: : Our Brass Nipple Fittings manufacturers use High-Quality Brass Material that protects from corrosion.
  • • Heat Treatment: : It helps to enhance the performance and durability of Brass Nipple fittings.
  • • Surface Finishing: We provide Brass Nipple Fittings that help prevent leakage due to its smooth finishes.
  • • Quality Control: The V. S. Industries follows industry standards and measure, assuring high quality of Brass Nipple Fittings.


For Connecting Components or joining various components in the plumbing or hydraulic system, our Brass Nipple Fittings exporters in India find use. It allows continuous flow of fluid or gas.

  • The Brass Nipple Fittings in India are used for dealing with the leakages caused due to inappropriate connection between fittings and pipes.
  • We provide Brass Nipple Fittings that manages the Routes for controlling the flow of fluid or gases.
  • The Brass Nipple Fittings suppliers in India supplies fitting such that they can deal with high pressures and temperatures.
  • Our Brass Nipple Fittings finds versatile use due to the features we provide like resistance to corrosion, durability etc.


Our MS Hydraulic Fittings are available in a wide range of specifications to suit diverse needs:

Sr. No. Specification Details
1 Material Brass material of premium quality
2 Sizes We believe in providing custom sizes option. It may range in between 1/8 inch to 2 inches.
3 Thread Types Various Thread Types are made available by Brass Nipple Fittings suppliers in India such as British Standard Pipe, National Pipe Thread etc.
4 Length Brass Nipple Fittings of various lengths are available at V. S. Industries.
5 Pressure Ratings The Brass Nipple Fittings provided by Brass Nipple Fittings in India can withstand various pressures.
6 Temperature Range 54°C to 121°C is the range at which our Brass Nipple Fittings can be suitable.
7 Finish We provide Brass Nipple Fittings that are coated with Natural brass or chrome finish.


The Brass Nipple Fittings by V. S. Industries in India finds a wide range of applications like in Hydraulic Systems; they provide connection in between pipes preventing leakage. The water supply and drainage systems in the commercial or residential plumbing systems the Brass Nipple Fittings are used. The gas distribution systems need proper connection in between gas pipes to prevent the gas from leaking which make the connection safe and secure.

The automotive industries need secure oil and duel connection, where our Brass Nipple Fittings exporters in India Finds use. The HVAC Systems requires proper fittings for which our Brass Nipple Fittings are used. The marine environments require Brass Nipple Fittings as they prevent corrosion.

Why Choose Us?

  • We believe in supplying Brass Nipple Fittings that are made from high quality of brass.
  • We Brass Nipple Fittings manufacturers in India have experts to manufacture and supply brass fittings of highest quality for which we carry quality control checkups.
  • Our V. S. Industries provides custom options for Brass Nipple Fittings in India.
  • We provide customers support by assisting them in selecting the best suitable Brass Nipple Fittings for their projects that to at affordable rates.

Have any queries? Contact us. We V. S. Industries the Brass Nipple Fittings manufacturers in India provide assistance and customer support for all your queries regarding Brass Nipple Fittings. Get assured and leakage proof solutions with our fittings. Get durability and performance both in our product form Brass Nipple Fittings manufacturers in India.


The main reason of using our Brass nipple fittings in India is that they have corrosion resistance ability making them suitable for water, oil, gas environments.

Yes, we do provide customization of brass nipple fittings.

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