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Brass Nipple Manufacturers, Brass Nipple in India

  • Brass Nipple Manufacturers in India by V.S Industries

Brass Nipple Manufacturers in India, Suppliers, Dealers in India

Welcome to dominant Brass Nipple Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, dealers in India. Our Brass Nipple product is durable and reliable components in the plumbing and industrial systems. We V. S. Industries, the Brass Nipple Manufacturers in India are trusted for high-quality brass nipples. Our team of Experts provides Brass Nipple with advance technology and finds application in various sectors.

The short lengths of pipe having male threading on both ends are known as Brass Nipple. The function is to connect two female-threaded fittings or pipes. Our Brass Nipple is of paramount use where leak-free connections are required. The copper-zinc alloy is used in manufacturing of Brass Nipple for their robustness and also provides resistance to corrosion.

What is a Brass Nipple?

To join threaded components securely, we Brass Nipple Manufacturers in India design cylindrical piece of brass pipe that has threaded ends which is known as Brass Nipple. Our Brass Nipple fined wide range of application like in heating, plumbing, industrial applications which are used for its leak-proof seal, tight threading features. This feature of Brass Nipple makes them ideal for using in residential as well as commercial installations. We Brass Nipple Suppliers in India use corrosion resistant materials.

Advanced Technology

In the production of Brass Nipple, advanced machining processes employed are:

  • • CNC Machining: : This CNC Machining enables Brass Nipple Suppliers in India to deliver accurate threading on the Brass Nipple.
  • • Surface Treatment: We V. S. Industries provides Brass Nipple that are coated with surface finish for making them corrosion resistance and increase the product life.
  • • Quality Control: Each piece of Brass Nipples is made to meet highest standards.


The most important function of Brass Nipples is providing connection in between two female-threaded fittings or pipes. For proper flow of liquids and gases our Brass Nipple dealers in India finds use. We V. S. Industries provide Brass Nipples components to in plumbing and industrial systems that act as extensions or adapters. Our Brass Nipple exporters in India ensure finest threading on Brass Nipples which enables them to secure a tight connection disallowing the liquid or gases to leak. Our V. S. Industries helps to maintain integrity and performance.


Our MS Hydraulic Fittings are available in a wide range of specifications to suit diverse needs:

Sr. No. Specification Details
1 Material Our V. S. Industries manufacturers of Brass Nipple use High-quality brass.
2 Thread Type The Thread Type provided by Our Brass Nipple exporters in India includes National Pipe Thread - NTP, British Standard Pipe – BSP.
3 Sizes The size of Brass Nipple can be in between 1/8” to 6” diameter.
4 Lengths As per the requirements of client’s projects, we Brass Nipple manufacturers in India provide custom lengths of Brass Nipple.
5 Pressure Ratings Our Brass Nipple is capable of withstanding high-pressure applications also.
6 Pressure Rating They are suitable of a wide temperature range


  • Across multiple industries, our Brass nipples exporters in India find applications.
  • In Plumbing work of water supply systems at the residential and commercial sites, our Brass nipples are used.
  • The heating elements and pipes are connected In HVAC systems using the Brass nipple in India.
  • The Brass Nipple is used in industries for fuel transfer, in chemical processes and many more.
  • The Automotive industries involve fluid transfer and cooling systems, where our leak proof Brass nipple are used.

Why Choose Us?

  •  High-Quality Products:The Brass nipples are made from premium materials.
  •  Custom Solutions: We Brass Nipple manufacture in India offers custom Brass nipples to meet various requirements of customers.
  •  Competitive Pricing: Get Brass Nipple at affordable prices from V. S. Industries.
  •  Expert Support: The Brass Nipple suppliers in India have experts team that provides assistance to the customers.
  •  Fast Delivery: Our Brass Nipple is delivered on time.

Contact us to know more information regarding Brass nipples. The Brass nipples by V.S. Industries in India provides leak-free connections which is necessary in application like plumbing, in industrial systems, in heating etc. Our Brass nipples manufacturers in India design Brass nipples with advanced technology that provides tight connection and solves all leakage issues.


Yes, The brass nipples are suitable for high-pressure applications like they can be used in residential as well as in industrial application.

Our Brass nipple is suitable for application in heating systems as well.

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