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Hex Coupling Nut Manufacturers, Hex Coupling Nut in India

  • Hex Coupling Nut Manufacturers in India by V.S Industries

Hex Coupling Nut Manufacturers in India, Suppliers, Dealers in India

WWelcome to dominant Hex Coupling Nut Manufacturers, Exporters, dealers, Suppliers in India, your trusted partner for providing high-quality elements like fasteners and industrial components. We Hex Coupling Nut Manufacturers provide Hex Coupling Nut that meet the highest standards of durability and performance. Explore our premium range of Hex Coupling Nuts in India. These Hex Coupling Nuts are vital components where two pieces of threaded rod or other male-threaded fasteners are connected by Hex Coupling Nuts. We follow industry standards in manufacturing of Hex Coupling Nuts and are serving since 29 years. We Hex Coupling Nuts use top-grade materials to deliver strength and reliability in the connections.

What is a Hex Coupling Nut?

The hexagon-shaped nut designed by our V. S. Industries is known as Hex Coupling Nut. These Hex Coupling Nut suppliers in India provide Hex Coupling Nut which are long in size and are also referred as Coupling Nut. The Hex Coupling Nut mostly fined use where a longer fastener is required. For extending threaded fasteners or joining threaded rods, the Hex Coupling Nuts are ideal. The easy tightening features are due to its hexagonal shape.


In the production of Brass Nipple, advanced machining processes employed are:

  • The Hex Coupling Nut is used to join two male-threaded elements in the systems.
  • Our Hex Coupling Nut exporters in India designs Hex Coupling Nut that provide reliable and stable connection.
  • Sometimes the Hex Coupling Nut requires extended length or the ability to adjust the position of the joined components.
  • In construction, machinery and automotive industries our Hex Coupling Nut find applications.

Advanced Technology

We Hex Coupling Nut exporters in India uses advance technologies to ensure rigorous quality standards. The Secure fit can be ensured with our Hex Coupling Nut which is possible due to precision machining and threading. The overall durability, thread accuracy, material hardness can be are checked for ensuring quality.


Sr. No. Specification Details
1 Material Hex Coupling Nuts are manufactured with materials like Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or brass.
2 Finish We Hex Coupling Nut exporters in India provides coating of Black Oxide, zinc etc. which make them durable.
3 Thread Type Our Hex Coupling Nut has various thread types like Metric, UNC and UNF etc.
4 Size Range One- fourth to two inches in size and can be customized by our Hex Coupling Nut suppliers in India.
5 Length The Hex Coupling Nuts are available in various sizes at V. S. Industries in India.
6 Standards The Hex Coupling Nut dealer in India provides nuts that meet standards like ASME, ISO and DIN.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Assurance: We Hex Coupling Nuts manufacturers in India ensure quality to deliver reliable performance.
  • Wide Selection: We provide range of sizes in Hex Coupling Nuts that are manufactured with variety of material that suits your requirements.
  • Expert Support: We provide technical assistance and help you in selecting right Hex Coupling Nuts products.
  • Competitive Pricing: You can get Hex Coupling Nuts from us at affordable rates in India.
  • Fast Delivery: We V. S. Industries provide timely delivery of your orders

Our Hex Coupling Nuts manufacturers in India strive to deliver Hex Coupling Nuts that meet your exact specifications. V. S. Industries are the ideal choice for your fastener requirements. Get high-quality Hex Coupling Nuts that are made with advanced technologies. We provide customization of Hex Coupling Nuts to deliver Coupling Nuts that matches client’s requirements. Contact us to know more about Hex Coupling Nuts suppliers in India.


Our Hex Coupling Nuts in India are manufactured with materials like carbon steel, brass and stainless steel.

Yes, V. S. Industries the Hex Coupling Nuts dealers in India provide custom sizes options that fulfill your requirements.

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