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PVC Ferrules Manufacturers, PVC Ferrules in India

  • PVC Ferrules Manufacturers in India by V.S Industries

PVC Ferrules Manufacturers in India, Suppliers, Dealers in India

V. S. Industries are trusted partner for your PVC Ferrules requirements. We PVC Ferrules manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, dealers in India are supply PVC Ferrules since the year 1992. Our PVC Ferrules manufacturers in India design PVC Ferrules to ensure secure and leak-proof connections. We have gained profound experience in manufacturing PVC Ferrules. Our PVC Ferrules manufacturers in India believes in efficient and transparent communication with the clients regarding their specific requirements of PVC Ferrules, ensuring our PVC Ferrules products delivered match client’s expectations.

What are PVC Ferrules?

The components that provide leak proof connections in the piping system are known as PVC Ferrules. These PVC ferrules are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) raw material making them durable. We V. S. Industries are leading provider of premium-quality PVC ferrules in India. Our PVC Ferrules manufacturers in India ensure optimal performance by engineering these components to meet the highest standards.

We offer a custom PVC ferrules to suit a wide range of applications. Our PVC Ferrules suppliers in India strive to deliver various features like resistance to chemicals, optimal performance and longevity of PVC Ferrules. The PVC ferrules are small in size and are cylindrical in structure. These PVC Ferrules fittings join or terminate pipes. Due to its tight sealing property they prevent leakages in the piping systems.


  • Leak Prevention: The fluid transport systems are made leak-proof with our PVC Ferrules, as our PVC Ferrules exporters in India provides tight fittings.
  • Pipe End Protection: The lifespan of pipes can be increased with our PVC Ferrules as they protect the ends of pipes from damage and wear.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Our PVC Ferrules exporter’s team provides assistance in maintaining of systems.
  • System Stability: The stability of the piping systems in increased as they avoid leakage thus maintains the stable connection.

Advanced Technology

We use latest and advance technologies in designing and manufacturing of PVC ferrules to ensure excellent quality and performance.

  • Precision Molding: To provide PVC ferrules that fit perfectly, we make use of precision molding machines in India.
  • Automated Quality Control: V. S. Industries, the PVC Ferrules suppliers in India maintains the quality of PVC Ferrules by installing automated inspection and testing machines.
  • Sustainable Practices: We try to minimize environmental impact by providing PVC Ferrules designed with eco-friendly materials.


Sr. No. Specification Details
1 Material We craft PVC Ferrules with superior quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
3 Sizes We PVC Ferrules dealers in India supplies PVC Ferrules in different configuration and sizes.
4 Temperature Our PVC Ferrules can operate at various temperatures ranges.
5 Chemical Resistance We PVC Ferrules Exporters in India designs PVC Ferrules that are suitable for wide range of chemicals.
6 Compliance ISO and ASTM international standards


Our Elbow Fittings Exporters in India find range of applications:

  • In Plumbing: The redirection of water flow at the corners is facilitated by Our Elbow Fittings in India. The residential, industrial plumbing systems, commercial systems find use of Elbow Fittings.
  • In HVAC: The Elbow Fittings plays an essential role in facilitating directional changes in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • In the Chemical Processing: The chemical process involves corrosive fluids which can be handled by our Elbow Fittings in India.
  • In Petrochemical: In oil and gas pipelines, our Elbow Fittings dealers in India find use.
  • At Construction: The construction of buildings involves plumbing where Elbow Fittings are required.

Why Choose Us?

  • Unmatched Quality: :The PVC Ferrules provided by V. S. Industries matches highest quality standards.
  • Customization Options: Our customized option in PVC Ferrules makes us the best choice as the unique requirements of different industries and applications are fulfilled.
  • Competitive Pricing: We provide PVC Ferrules at affordable cost as we use efficient manufacturing processes.
  • Industry Expertise: As we are serving PVC Ferrules since last 29 years, we have gained expertise and deliver superior PVC Ferrules products.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Our dedicated PVC Ferrules exporter’s team provides customer support, giving seamless experience.

Contact us, for any queries regarding PVC ferrules manufacturers in India. Our V. S. Industries team helps you select the perfect choice of PVC ferrules for your piping system requirements. Get our PVC ferrules for enhancing the efficiency, durability and productivity of your piping system.


The PVC ferrules Dealers in India finds application chemical processing, construction, irrigation systems in agriculture, in water treatment plants as we ensure leak proof connections by securing them tightly.

Our PVC ferrules are manufactured by V. S. Industries to resist chemical exposure and a range of chemicals.

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