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Ferrule Pipe Fitting Manufacturers, Ferrule Pipe Fittings in India

  • SS Ferrule Fitting Manufacturers in India by V.S Industries

Ferrule Pipe Fitting Manufacturers in India, Suppliers, Dealers in India

The most trusted Ferrule Pipe Fitting Manufacturers, supplier, Exporters, dealers in India are V. S. Industries. Our experts strive to deliver high performing, reliable Ferrule Pipe Fitting. We Ferrule Pipe Fitting Manufacturers have 29 years of experience in serving Ferrule Pipe Fitting and our professionals thus can understand your project’s need better. Since we maintain transparency throughout the process, our customer relies on us for supply of Ferrule Pipe Fitting. Our Ferrule Pipe Fitting is crucial part of any piping system.

What is Ferrule Pipe Fitting?

Our V. S. Industries provides Ferrule Pipe fitting suppliers in India provides the fittings that has the function of fittings in piping systems. Here brass, steel or stainless steel etc. are used in making of Ferrule Pipe fittings. The use of advanced technology helps to provide innovative Ferrule Pipe fittings in India. Our Ferrule Pipe fitting suppliers in India provide these components that follow industry standards. For various applications in diverse environments our Ferrule Pipe fitting uses premium materials. To withstand high pressures and temperatures our V. S. Industries experts have designed them with advance technologies.

Function Ferrule Pipe fitting

  • The most important function of Ferrule Pipe fitting supplied by our V. S. Industries supplier of this fittings, is to prevent leakage by provide tight seal.
  • It gives secure connection feature.
  • The tight seal connection are ideal for high performance in the piping systems.
  • Application like plumbing, gas distribution pipelines should have high secured connection for safety issues.
  • The various demanding environments have high or low temperature and pressures process where our Ferrule Pipe Fittings exporters in India find use.

Advanced Technology

Advanced technologies used by our Ferrule Pipe fitting suppliers in India includes processes that are done with precision machining by experienced staff of V. S. Industries. The CNC machining finds use in our manufacturing units for the making of Ferrule Pipe fitting. This creates innovative Ferrule Pipe fitting with improvement in the features to cope up with latest technologies and applications making the perfectly connect in piping systems.


Sr. No. Specification Details
1 Material Different types of material are used in making of Ferrule Pipe Fitting at our V. S. Industries like alloys, brass, steel etc.
2 Size Range Custom options in sizes of Ferrule Pipe Fitting are available
3 Pressure Rating According to the material of Ferrule Pipe Fitting it can vary from 0 to 6000 PSI
4 Temperature Range It may in between -40°C to 400°C which depends on the Ferrule Pipe Fitting
5 Standards Compliance Our Ferrule Pipe Fitting dealers in India believes in providing high quality products of Ferrule Pipe Fitting for which we follow Industry standards such as DIN, ASTM, ANSI, ISO.
6 End Connections The BSPP, SAE, NPT types of end connections


  • In Plumbing and HVAC Systems Our Ferrule Pipe Fitting dealers in India finds use.
  • In Oil and Gas systems or processes maintaining the safety is crucial which is possible by our Ferrule Pipe Fitting in India.
  • The various Chemical Processing and transportation involves use of Ferrule Pipe Fitting.
  • At the Pharmaceuticals the Ferrule Pipe Fitting helps maintain sanitary conditions.
  • Our Ferrule Pipe Fitting Exporters in India finds application in the Food and Beverage processing plants. For these requirements V. S. Industries are your trusted partner.
  • In Automotive systems this fittings are used.

Why Ferrule Pipe Fitting manufactures in India are the right choice?

We V. S. Industries in India have been trusted by many customers for the quality of Ferrule Pipe Fitting we have maintained since last 29 years in India. Various guidelines and measure are taken by our Ferrule Pipe Fitting manufactures in India for delivering the Ferrule Pipe Fitting that follows Industry standards such as DIN, ANSI and ISO. The use of advanced technologies makes them more efficient and reliable. The transparency maintained in conversation with clients helps us bring the exact Ferrule Pipe Fitting that is expected by our client. This all advantages and customization options in Ferrule Pipe Fitting makes us the right choice.

Contact Ferrule Pipe Fitting manufactures in India for any queries and assistance required. We V. S. Industries provide high quality and innovative Ferrule Pipe Fitting that meet industry standards to provide leak-proof connections. Get your piping system elevated with our Ferrule Pipe Fitting suppliers.


Yes, we V. S. Industries, the manufacturers of Ferrule pipe fittings in India provide custom fittings.

Our Ferrule Pipe Fitting exporters in India finds application in food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas and various other industries.

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